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We carry ROCKWOOL® Stone Wool, and also factory laminate the same great mineral wool product to one or more layers of ISO to offer you our composite systems that save you time and labour. As a tapered insulation manufacturer, we provide you with a wide range of tapered roofing insulation, from ROCKWOOL® Stone Wool to our money saving composite systems. But that’s not all. We also cut ROCKWOOL® insulation into value-added specialty stone wool products with our cant, backslope, pre-cut sumps, pre-cut crickets and custom cut metal roof / metal deck flute filler.

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Roxul® Stone Wool
ROCKWOOL® Stone Wool insulation products are specifically designed and manufactured for the roofing industry.  They provide the optimal combination of insulation value, fire resistance, dimensional stability and acoustic performance.  Both are compatible with most roofing systems, air/vapor barriers, membranes, fasteners, and various adhesives. They are not susceptible to damage from asphalt. They are chemically inert and non-corrosive with no off-gassing, and are resistant to rot, mold and fungi.  ROCKWOOL® roofing insulation is also well suited for use in recover projects over existing membranes because of its ability to conform to substrate irregularities without cracking or breaking.

Factory Laminated Composites

Since 1998, ModulR TS has invested years and Millions of dollars in research and development, third party testing and certifications to develop new and innovative flat and tapered roofing solutions that increase ease of application and productivity. Our line of flat and tapered composite systems incorporates a membrane-ready overlay/protection board onto one or several layers of ISO. This quality controlled process and third party certified and audited process allows ModulR to deliver multi-layer panel systems as single layer application onto the project site. This eliminates steps on the jobsite, reduces material costs and provides quality certified lamination of each layer.